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Dental implant characteristics:

  • Deep Fillet
  • Grooves
  • DMA surface
  • 5 diameters 2 platforms
  • Double abutment
  • Conical connection
  • Direct socket
  • Switched platform

The Conical Active line represents the most recent evolution of the BTLock implant system.

Conical connection
Conical Active’s conical switched platform connection features an important technological innovation: the characteristic trilobal geometry, BTLock’s hallmark of quality, adds the ability to simultaneously accommodate hexagonal prosthetic components compatible with the platform’s size, for maximum versatility. In addition, prosthetic components in the Conical Active line feature only two platforms for all five diameters for even greater convenience.
As with every BTLock implant line, the extreme mechanical precision is due to the lathe’s ability to create the connection directly, avoiding counterbored machining, which is more inaccurate and damaging. The tapered seal improves sealing and optimizes the distribution of masticatory forces along the implant axis, while also preventing germs and bacteria from infiltrating the site at the crestal level.
Micromovements between the parts are almost zero, thus minimizing the risk of deformation of the connection resulting in unscrewing or even breaking of the through-screw.

Features of the fixture
The fixture’s loop is designed to optimize the transmission of intrusive, compressive, and divergent chewing loads, which are the most damaging to bone; in addition, their depth in the apical region improves implant stability even where bone is less dense, while its taper best mimics the shape of the natural tooth in post-extractive sites.
The deep grooves, which extend to the collar groove terminating in crestal microgrooves, facilitate implant insertion into the osteotomy site and help to discharge tensive forces, gases, fluids, and bone debris created during screwing; they also prevent from unscrewing in the moments following insertion and promote coagulation so that the osseointegrating surface increases, resulting in improved integration and primary stability.

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