BTLock International, a History of Research and Specialization

Dentistry as we know it has a centuries-long history that has evolved over time through trial and error to the modern technique practiced in dental offices today. Evolution today continues, progress does not stop, and new techniques and technologies are being discovered day after day that help us smile better.

This is also the story of BTLock International. A story made of continuous research, study and specialization, of tests and experiments experienced with daily enthusiasm inside our laboratories, with the sole objective of bringing the best possible product to the market.

BTLock International is an idea that took shape in 1995, when a group of implantologists, who were doing research together, decided to collaborate by sharing their knowledge to give birth to a unique dental implant. The following year, BTLock was founded: since then, we have been designing and manufacturing implant systems with the awareness of offering a quality, original and effective product that can improve, day after day, the work of doctors and the smiles of patients.

Technology. Research. Italian production. These are our key words. Three values that translate into a constant drive for innovation, supported by prestigious university collaborations with engineers, technicians and professionals in the biomedical industry. A fundamental contribution is also made by daily clinical practice, combined with great craftsmanship, care and attention given to product refinement, and Italian creativity, which is a distinctive feature of our company.

This is why we can claim to be the Made in Italy of oral implantology: scientific expertise, technological innovation and the ability to listen to the needs of the customer to bring flexible production to life.

Since 1996 to the present, BTLock International has been inventing and implementing its solutions exclusively in Italy, with a legal and commercial office in Vicenza-rooted in the entrepreneurial fabric of the Veneto region-and production headquarters in Vibo Valentia. Distribution, on the other hand, is international, to make BTLock a benchmark for implantology worldwide.

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