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– Titanium alloy surgical screw for perfect healing
without loss of bone attachment

– Screwing with standard screwdrivers (BTICVQ) at 10 Ncm.
– 5 heights (2 – 3.5 – 5 – 6 – 7 mm) to fit various gum thicknesses.
– It guides the healing of soft tissues ensuring a remarkable aesthetic effect of prosthetic restorations.
– Gamma sterilized.

3540A BTIVGC h. 2mm
4555A BTIVGC h. 2 mm
3540B BTIVGC h. 3.5mm
4555B BTIVGC h. 3.5mm
3540C BTIVGC h. 5mm
4555C BTIVGC h. 5mm
3540D BTIVGC h. 6mm
4555D BTIVGC h. 6mm
3540E BTIVGC h. 7mm
4555E BTIVGC h. 7mm

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