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Dental implant characteristics:

  • Patented trilobal connection
  • Longitudinal furrows
  • Crestal microgrooves
  • Machine-cut periodontal collar 0.3mm
  • Cylindrical conical shape
  • Surface dma

The BT-Tite Active implant line features the patented BTLock connection (internal, asymmetric, doubly anti-rotational on three levels), which ensures impermeability to seepage and bacteria and durability.

The body of the dental implant is characterized by the longitudinal grooves, which facilitate the insertion of the implant by locking it into the osteotomy site and help discharge tensive forces, gases, fluids and bone debris created during screwing. Continuing this deep threading, micro crestal grooves are placed on the periodontal collar. Finally, the machine-cut end of the collar (0.3mm) ensures a perfect fit between implant and abutment, preventing alteration of the locking profile.

The DMA surface, obtained by physical-mechanical treatments (sandblasting with controlled grain size materialia) and subsequent chemical treatments (double acid-etching with time-controlled passivation), makes the surface nanoporous, allowing better osseointegration.

The combination of the fixture’s aggressive design and highly osseointegrating surface optimizes primary stability, resulting in a precise, high-performance, state-of-the-art device indicated for immediate loading and post-extraction sites, especially on upper jaw with weak bone.

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