BTLock implants and other products

BTLock offers a wide range of products that satisfy many applications.

There are four categories of BTLock implants:

  • Two-stages implants, featured by the original patented BTLock connection
  • Mini Implants, suitable for the long term stabilization of removable prosthesis
  • Mini Single Implants, of immediate functionality, suggested for the narrow areas of the dental arch
  • Slot Implant, the application for orthodontics

The traditional lines of fixtures are featured by:

  • A cylindrical body with conical apex
  • A highly-osseointegrating surface, called DMA, obtained by the combination of a physical-mechanical treatment (sandblasting with controlled granulometry materials) and subsequent chemical treatments (double acid etching with passivation at controlled lengths)
  • The collar with microcrestal grooves

The prosthetic components range is complete, and it is one of the widest on the market.

Regarding the instruments and accessories, the general outline that BTLock wanted to follow was the user friendliness, a simple and essential conformation for a practical day-by-day practice.

A special mention goes to Expanders and Osteotomes, to be used to create and compact the implant sites without bone loss, and to the kit for Guided Surgery, which allows to use a technique that combines calibrated drills and expanders.
Another excellence points are the color-code, for a quick diameter identification, and the Laser markings on the drills and accessories.