To be, to smile.

Our goal is the smile. It has always been. This is why we decided to change the relation that ties researchers, implantologists, technicians and patients: we truly believe that these are connections that change life.

Thanks to the continuous exchange of information and the constant development of our products, we made the daily experience of dentists and technicians the starting point to create our revolutionary connection system between fixture and abutment.
BTLock Implant System is the evolution of the traditional dental implants: thanks to the patented connection, it solves every kind of single or multiple tooth loss problem, granting great user-friendliness and optimal functional and aesthetic efficacy. Patients are able to chew again, but more importantly, they feel comfortable with their own teeth. This is why every smile made possible by one of our implants has a story to tell.

Besides our implants, to create the perfect, tailored product, we have more than 150 prosthetic components to choose among, and we continue to listen to the needs of our customers to offer new solutions.
We firmly believe that to grant the best customer care and assistance in offering our products is the only way to have both professionals and patients satisfied.

Our values:

  • Specialization: we create, develop and manufacture exclusive solutions for oral implantology, aimed to solve problems caused by the loss of teeth.
  • Flexibility: we are flexible to meet our customers’ needs, with services and solutions more and more suitable to their exigencies.
  • People Focused: people are a key asset to our company. They are a source of knowledge, learning and experience: that is why we decided to create a deeper bond between researchers, implantologists, technicians and patients. This approach promotes the enhancement of customers’ needs and the implementation of activities to satisfy them.
  • Quality & Research: we directly monitor the study and the development of our products in cooperation with universities and clinical referents, both national and international, in order to develop innovative solutions oriented to a constant improvement of implant techniques.