BTLock International, a history of research and specialization

Dentistry, as we know it, has centuries of history, and it has evolved over time by trials and mistakes to get to the modern technique practiced today. Today the evolution continues, the progress does not stop, and day after day new techniques and technologies are discovered to help us simile.

This is also BTLock history. A history made of constant research, study and specialization, tests and experiments lived with enthusiasm every day in our laboratories, with the sole aim to bring to market the best product possible.
BTLock International is an idea born in 1995, when a group of implantologists decided to cooperate by sharing their knowledge in order to create a one of a kind dental implant. The following year BTLock was founded: from that moment, we design and produce our implant system with the awareness to offer a high quality product, original and effective, able to improve, day after day, the work of clinicians and the smile of patients.

Technology. Research. Italian production. These are our keywords. Three values that result in a constant drive towards innovation, supported by the cooperation with university engineers, technicians and professionals in the biomedical field. A key contribution is also provided by the daily clinical practice, which, together with the great handcraft sensitivity, the care and attention directed to the improvement of the product and the Italian creativity, are a hallmark of our company.

For this reason we can state to be the Made in Italy of oral implantology: scientific competence, technological innovation and the ability to listen to customer needs in order to create a flexible production.

Since 1996 BTLock invents and manufactures its solutions exclusively in Italy, with the headquarters offices in Vicenza and the production site in Vibo Valentia. The distribution on the other hand is international, to make BTLock a reference point for implantology wordwide.