Connections that change life

The thing that from the beginning identifies implantology signed BTLock is the invention and development of a new concept of implant connection: triangular, twice anti-rotational, internal and asymmetric on three different levels.
The international patent makes it unique.

BTLock System has four major points of strength, which allowed to solve two problems: the tightening of the connection and the duration of the prosthetic work.

  • The design, with triangular shape with rounded corners, gives precision and stability.
  • The depth of the connection (2,96mm) improves tightening and optimize the distribution of chewing forces, so the micro-movements are reduced to the minimum for a high mechanical stability.
  • The conical bevel on the fixture with counter-shape on the Abutment allows a perfect matching between fixture and abutment, without exceeding profiles or gaps. This high precision avoids any fluid infiltration and keeps the peri-implant sulcus free of inflammation.
  • The processing technique, milled with the lathe, unlike the matrix technique is more precise and does not create stress that could be damaging.

For these reasons, the BTLock implant connection system is original, innovative and effective, so as to become our image, our brand, our logo.