To be BTLock

What does BeTLock mean?

What we do determines who we are. Therefore BeTLock represents the soul of our company, a company made of people. To us, BeTLock means working every day focusing on innovation and progress in oral implantology. It is our style, our trademark.

BTLock is technique: the vanguard and the accuracy of our technology, constant research, design and scientific investigation.

BeTLock is creativity: the people, the passion for our work, the ability to overcome obstacles without stopping and always finding innovative solutions.

These two aspects are complementary and together they create a synergy that allow us to make products which are original, reliable, performing and with a unique design.

BeTLock is the vision underneath our reality: it is the mind that conceives the product, the hand that designs it, the people who produce it and support the company.

“To be” BTLock defines, characterizes and guides us every day toward tomorrow. We believe that this combination of technology and creativity is the right way to give all – doctors and patients – a new smile.